Empower employees and customers to engage directly in your corporate social good campaigns
and volunteer opportunities right from their mobile and wearable devices.

Increasing Engagement

Make corporate social good accessible to employees and customers directly on their mobile.

Teams & Community

Build community and increase participation through team-based lifestyle challenges.

Social Good + Wellness

Integrate employee well-being directly with a chosen charity via their mobile/wearables.

Gift-matching & Payroll Integration

Save administrative time with gift-matching, grant management & payroll deductions with one integration.

Mobile Volunteering

Go mobile with volunteering to increase sign-ups, easily track all the good and tell the world about your impact.

Social Good Story Capture

Easily tell the world your corporate social good stories with our story capture (great for Marketing & CSR teams).

Simple for Good

Type, click, hit send & put corporate social good at their fingertips on their devices.

(company challenges go directly to Apple and Android app stores for private or public access)

Wellness for Good

Finally, easily integrate your existing wellness programs or start fresh campaigns with 501c3 organizations you choose.

$6 saved for every $1 spent on employee wellness

- Health Affairs (Millwood) Study on Wellness Plan Savings.

Social for Good

Engaging employees and customers should be fun, social and ongoing for good.

On average, every employee who participates in corporate community engagement activities adds $2,400 of value to the company as a result of decreased turnover and increased employee engagement.

- Corporate Executive Board (CEB)

Brand Ambassadors

Your employees and customers care about social good already....all you need to do is give them the right tools to share!

Advanced Platform Features


Dashboard Analytics

Visually track progress in one central dashboard designed for easy integrations and rewards management.


Create teams by department, location or other specifics to ignite friendly competition.


Monitor ongoing performance with company specific leaderboards.

Rewards Management

Easily manage rewards for specified activity or performance.

Imports & Invites

Easily manage invitations, reminders and mobile notifications to participants.

Customised Challenges

Create and view reports on challenges specific to your goals and social ethos.

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