We give influencers everything needed to engage and reward fans
for social good while multiplying their own giving impact across the globe.

Challenges: The Most Simple & Fun Way to Involve Fans
Across the World

  • Go Live on Both App Stores within Clicks
  • Integrated with Twitter & Facebook
  • Simple Point System (M-Life Points)
  • Instant and Earned Rewards (M-Life Rewards)
  • Managed Sweepstakes
  • Matching Donations & Sponsorships

Sponsor Fans & Grow Your Reach:
Use Your Existing Giving to Your Causes to Empower Fans/Followers

M-Life Sponsorships provide a simply way to multiply your giving impact across the globe through fans & follower engagement. Sponsored giving and matching gives you the same tax deductions as other personal giving while engaging a global audience for your chosen 501c3.