Use Daily Activity for Good

Join/host lifestyle challenges (no ice required) & use any activity to fundraise for your favorite cause.

Goal Targets & Tracking

Set your daily, weekly lifestyle goals and track your progress with visual dashboards.

Friends & Teams

Join others in your pledge for success with Teams or invite friends to MaximusLife and challenge them.

Rewards & Benefits

More Check-ins mean more Rewards! Earn gifts and product giveaways from our trusted partners.

Integrated Devices

MaximusLife supports Misfit, FitBit, Health Kit and Google Health for instant upload and synchronisation of your data.

Support Great Causes

Get sponsored and work with amazing charities for big impact.

Imagine Using Everyday Tech for Good

MaximusLife is designed to engage your daily activity directly with a good cause through simple logging/tracking or joining a charity challenge.

Use your favorite apps and devices to help amazing causes!


Join Challenges, Help Causes & Win BIG!

MaximusLife Challenges are made for everyone. Whether you're looking to boost your fitness or improve your lifestyle, anyone can join in. Complete Challenge Goals to earn points and win rewards. All while supporting great causes.

Complete 10 check-ins for your first reward and complete a challenge for even more...

healthy eating challenge original
Take the 7 day healthy eating challenge for 1,000 M-Life Points!
Win our monthly charity sweepstakes challenge while supporting one of our charity partners!
Win a Flyaway VIP Experience with For King & Country
Anyone can win with a $5 Donation. Each Check-in means more chances to win.

Download MaximusLife for Free

Start your journey in just a few steps and use everyday life to help a good cause.

Feature Your Nonprofit on MaximusLife

We've partnered with global charities and nonprofits to help you easily connect with a community making BIG impact.

For Non-profits

As our community of users completes challenge check-ins and personal pledges they earn loyalty points and unlock sponsor donations.

Increase Global Brand Awareness

Direct access to a driven, motivated user-base

Simple collection and transfer of donated funds


For Companies

Engage your workforce in social impact through lifestyle challenges, wellness integrations and marketing campaigns while capturing the story on visual dashboards.

Engage employees in well being with rewards

Support global non-profits with employees daily activity

Build your brand and engagement around social good

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